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FUELATV has been manufacturing ATV bumpers, ATV cooler racks, graphics kits, seat covers, long travel suspension and steering stems for over five years now. This company was started because of the need for a less bulky and more attractive cooler rack. The company started with this single product the highly successful Chrome ATV Cooler Rack. This cooler rack is sleek in design and turns heads on every dune it hits. Loosely based on an old design, FUELATV has hit the mark with this great product. FUELATV is also one of the only companies offering a chrome cooler rack today. From there we expanded the compay by offering our own line of graphics kits, seat covers, bumpers, steering stems, long travel a-arms and intakes. By doing this we are able to offer the highest quality parts at a great price. FUELATV had also aligned themselves with i-shock, Lone Star Racing, Dyno Jet Power Commander, Dasa Racing, Precision Steering Stablizers, Flexx Bars and other top maufactures in the ATV industry to offer a complete line of high end ATV accesories. Nothing has ever been held back in creating a product line not only unique in design but with unprecedented quality. This quality is apparent in all of our products. Every product manufactured by FUELATV is hand built in the U.S.A.